facebook Freelance Architectural Rendering: Tips to Start Freelance 3D Work

Freelance Architectural Rendering: Tips to Start Freelance 3D Work

Tips To Start Freelance Architectural Rendering Career – If you are here, you have probably decided to move your career ahead with the architectural rendering work as a freelancer. Around 10 out of 20 employees in the United States do freelancing which makes around 76 million Americans. Since you have already decided on your niche in rendering i.e. architecture, we are here to guide you with some freelancing tips to fuel your journey. A career in architectural visualization is full of excitement, and challenges as well, it is one of the most meaningful and powerful career options we have ever known. So, we appreciate your bravery in making this decision. Let’s read these useful tips to start freelance architectural rendering career in architecture rendering.

Basic Tips To Start Freelance Architectural Rendering Career

1. Pick the rendering tools you can work with – Architectural rendering is the art of collaborating creativity with technology, meaning you create the design and the software refines it with the detailing, coloring, texture, composition, lighting, effects etc. Decide your software and learn everything about it. Generally, every freelancer would know this already on which rendering tool they will stick to throughout their career. If you have not decided yet, try Lumion, Revit, V-Ray, Blender and 3ds Max.  

2. Start with the basics – Architectural rendering is a complex field. It is not the talent you can develop in a week or two. Patience and practice are two major ingredients for future success. Start with easy projects, especially if you are your own teacher. Jumping directly on complicated tasks without understanding the basics can lead to mistakes that can eventually lower your morale. So, always start small even if it means rendering a square, a ball, a hut, or a tree.  After that, you can consider moving towards tough structure renderings.  

3. Build an online presence and explore the trends – This is the 21st century and the world is faster than ever. Everyone is looking for a better career as well as more options to make money. There is a neck-to-neck competition. How do you conquer it? Be the witness for your talent and put it online. There are many ways to build a strong online presence. Let the world know about your unique work, how you work and what you have to offer them. Develop your profiles on Indeed, LinkedIn, Upwork, Fiverr, Behance and more. Here, you will know the most demanded work and industries you can work for.  

4. Advertise your brand/ projects – Once you have learned the basics of the architectural rendering process and have some of the samples worth showing. You can now promote it. The only thing you need to stay away from this phase is not judging yourself. If you are afraid to put your work on a webpage or social media just because it looks naïve and imperfect, we suggest do not let these limitations hold you back. Choose either an already active platform or create a new profile on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. Besides, try using WordPress (we suggest it as it is beginner-friendly and has tons of features). Even I used it to share my work. Whichever platform you choose, make sure to set up a nice interface with complete profile details. 

5. Connect with the job providers – Now you have a great portfolio and a good social media presence. It’s the perfect time to find recruiters looking for freelancers. By adding relevant interests and job preferences to social media profiles, you gain visibility among employers and independent leaders looking to hire an freelance architectural rendering expert. Apply for the open applications and communicate well about your qualifications, skills, and expectations. Share the details they ask for. Tell them the pricing. And continue until you feel settled. 

6. Be confident and have self-belief – Once you apply for the roles, expect to receive emails and calls from the companies. Also, don’t set the hopes too high as some of the recruiters never respond. And therefore, keeping a positive perspective and self-belief is crucial here. Try every day. At least 10-12 jobs per day or more if you can. When they call, confidently interact with the person. Be your authentic self and honestly share the information.  

7. Be bold with discovering the unknown – 3d architectural rendering is a work of art and with innovation, it keeps on refining every day in and day out. Be bold with trying unusual with your visualizations, and that doesn’t mean harming the natural taste of a render. Discover the unique angles, effects, features, and techniques that can further develop a great photorealistic visual. Accept new ideas implement them right away, and see what it has to offer.  

8. Asking for referrals for more projects – Now you would want to take more work and the finest way to do that asking for referrals. The clients you are working with know the work quality you provide, so ask them if they can share your portfolio. Have you added value to your client’s work? Then they will surely advertise it.  

9. Be disciplined and continue Learning – Freelancing gives you independence. Nobody keeps an eye on you for 8 hours, you are your own boss. And therefore it is very important to be disciplined. At the end of the day, only a sincere architectural freelancer can grow and earn a handsome amount of money. Don’t be discouraged if someone asks for changes/ revisions. It will surely happen; it is a part of work. Additionally, continue learning with the upcoming and ongoing trends and you will never lack projects.  

The Conclusion  

Getting started as a freelancer in architecture can be a wonderful source of income especially if it is also what you love. If you know what you are good at, and if it can make money, then it can potentially give you a business. Finding architectural freelancing projects can be challenging at the initial stages but with consistency and dedication, it can be conquered. Also, keep investing in skills and expanding your network, you will get great benefits. In time, you will build a strong bond with the clients who will help you grow. Keep in mind the mentioned tips if you are about to start your journey as an freelance architectural rendering 3d artist.