facebook 3d Visualizer / Architectural Visualiser : Job Description & Skills

3d Visualizer / Architectural Visualiser : Job Description & Skills

3D Visualization is a technique of creating 3D objects using specialised 3D software and is rapidly used by companies to showcase their products to clients, investors, and prospective buyers. This modern technique has now become a quintessential part of the new business and marketing strategies. All this is carried out by professionals known as 3D Visualizers. Read the blog to learn important insights on the roles of the 3D visualizer, skills, types, salary, how to become a 3D visualizer and more. Let’s get started. 

Who is a 3D visualizer

3D visualizers are professionals who create hyper-realistic digital imagery of the product that is hard to distinguish from a real photo. Architects, interior designers, e-commerce professionals, marketers, real estate agents, construction companies, manufacturers, homeowners, individuals and many more take the services of 3D visualizers. Also known as 3D designers, 3D specialists or CG designers, these visualizers create world-class CGI to help their clients visualise their dream space or product before it is sent to production/construction. Let’s deeply understand what 3D visualizer does and why their services are necessary.  

What Does a 3D Visualizer Do? 

3D visualizers are more than just artists. They create stunning and immersive 3D images of projects that are yet to start and help understand all the intricacies involved with the project. From material, colour, and texture selection to pitching in front of investors and audiences, 3D visualizations help grab the attention and seal the deals. Here is just a snippet of all the things that a 3D visualizer does. 

  • Architects and space designers partner with 3D visualizers to give their 2D plans a new photorealistic touch using 3D renders.  
  • They collaborate with the architectural design team to mitigate any design flaws and deliver a design that makes the building structurally stable and fully functional. 
  •  Many manufacturing and product companies also work with 3D visualizers to get a realistic image of their proposed product, experiment product in the market, advertise and improve presentations. 
  • 3D visualizations created by these professionals, also enable getting a most precise cost estimate for the project.  

Getting a 3D visualization certainly saves companies and entrepreneurs from making costly mistakes as it is difficult to make changes once the product is finished. Visualization enables making as many changes as possible in the design phase itself so that the final output turns out to be flawless, stunning and meets expectations.  

How to Become a 3D visualizer? 

Love to work on 3D models and watch them turn into reality? If this idea excites you, then a career in 3D visualization would be a great option for you. There are several ways of becoming a 3D visualizer.  

  • Pursuing a visualization degree course at university – Many reputed universities offer undergraduate and graduate courses in computer graphics, architectural visualization, and 3D design. Or you may also opt for similar certification courses offered in a college near you. Get hands-on practice on various software and you’re ready to enter the market. 
  • Internship/Apprenticeship – If you don’t want to enrol in any university or college degree, then this option will suit you the best. Most of the reputed companies and universities offer apprenticeships and internships to train apprentices on live projects. This is more likely a full-time job and you should have attained the age of 16 years.  
  • Working in Company – Working in a 3D company will give you a lot of exposure in this field of architectural visualization. By getting on-the-job training you not only understand how to create the best visualizations but also understand the workflow and client handling. In this industry, all that matters is your portfolio, links, and experience.  

While growing from beginner to pro, make sure to attend networking events as this will make good global connections and will turn you into a brand.  

Skills Required to Become a 3D Visualizer  

Apart from the education and qualifications that we have discussed above, here are some desired skills that every 3D visualizer must possess.  

1. Well informed about other industries and market trends – A 3D visualizer should not limit his knowledge to his own industry but should have a better grasp on all sorts of markets, trends, standards etc. This will help him/her grow holistically.

2. Impeccable analytical skills – Having excellent analytical skills will enable the visualizer to interpret the expectations and requirements of the client in a better way. He/she should have a thorough understanding of all the formats such as still renders, VR, animation, virtual tours etc.

3. Outstanding Communication and soft skills – Communication is the key to success along with other soft skills such as patience, dedication, hard work and more. A self-motivated 3D visualizer can work extremely well under pressure and deliver amazing renders.

4. Ability to think out-of-the-box – The world is full of copy-cats. Your work should make a difference. Thinking innovatively, creatively, and artistically will help the visualizer create renders that stand unmatchable in the industry.

5. Experience of working on multiple digital software and tools – The technology keeps on changing now and then. A visualizer should keep himself updated on all technological fronts and should have good knowledge of working on multiple tools and software. Sometimes it’s a client’s demand or a project’s requirement to work on a specific software. Having good knowledge of different visualization tools will keep him on the go.

6. Lights, shadows, and camera angle selection – A solid understanding of lights and shadows will enable the visualizer to keep the digital image as close to reality as possible.

3D Visualizer Job Description & Job Titles 

The job description for 3D visualizer includes their roles and responsibilities. Read them very carefully before forwarding your resume or portfolio to the 3D rendering companies. Here is a small gist of JD (job description) or 3D visualizer. 

  • Staying proactive and collaborating with other team members  
  • Excellent client handling with convincing communication skills.  
  • Knowledge about the latest industry trends and various formats of 3D visualization 
  • Good grasp of 3D modeling, lighting, texturing, camera, animation and creating VR experiences.  
  • Multitasking with responsiveness to meet stringent deadlines 
  • Creative thinking, innovative with outstanding problem-solving skills 
  • Exceptional precision in work with a clear focus on attention to detail.  

 Job titles for visualizers that are currently in demand and trending in the market are – 3D Visualizer, 3D animator, BIM Engineer, 3D modeler, graphics designer and 3D designer. It starts from junior and assistant levels and further can grow to senior, team lead and manager levels.  

How Much could you Earn as a 3D Visualiser? 

Being a skilled trade, 3D visualization services help visualizers draw handsome salaries across the globe. The best part about this job is that the visualizers can work in any part of the globe remotely and can get a good client across the world. 3D visualizers are usually paid at hourly rate or per project basis if they are working freelance or as part-time. The average salary starts from $10 per hour and can go up to $50 per hour for the pro-level visualizers. For fixed salaries, the average salary drawn by a 3D visualizer working in a 3D company is around $85,000 per year. 

The salary also depends on the client’s country or to which geographical location you’re offering your services. Some other factors include the type of format you’re working on, the urgency of the project, your experience and expertise, complexity, and scope of the project. All these factors matter when you’re working on a freelance.  

The Bottom Line  

3D visualizers play a very crucial role in product design that ensures that the result is flawless, beautiful, efficient, and safe in all respects. The career is always progressive and the demand for 3D visualizers will continue to grow in future. Searching for the best 3D visualizer near you for your project? Look no further than Renderspoint. Get highly detailed, precise, engaging, and impressive CGI exclusively designed by our 3D visualizers. Mail us right now at support@renderspoint.com