facebook Virtual Reality in Real Estate Industry: 3D VR Real Estate Company

Virtual Reality in Real Estate Industry: 3D VR Real Estate Company

“Discover how Virtual Reality plays a key role in lead conversion, better ROI and marketing in Real Estate. Don’t miss out on the trending VR techniques in Real Estate industry. ”


Virtual Reality is one of the most common buzzword trending today in the real estate industry. Almost like the “NEXT BIG THING”! Now, the potential buyers don’t have to travel miles to have a glimpse or visit their property. VR has given them the opportunity to get that immersive experience right from their place. Let’s delve in the world of Virtual Reality and understand how it is transforming the real estate industry and marketing.

What is Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Virtual Reality in Real Estate offers broader perspectives and phenomenal outreach for realtors and marketers. The literal meaning of Virtual means “physically nonexistent” and reality means “real world”. In a nutshell, virtual reality means a simulation of real world digitally. One needs special VR headsets to experience this amazing world. Virtual technologies are benefitting both potential buyers as well as real estate stakeholders. Buyers can see how their space would look like post construction while on the other hand real estate players can stay unrivalled by delivering a fully immersive VR experience to their prospects.

How can you use Virtual Reality in Real Estate?

Virtual reality tools and techniques allow the potential buyers to take a virtual tour of the property. Thus, saving a lot on the money, time and even travel expenses for both buyers and realtors. Have a look at amazing techniques offered by Virtual reality that help in better lead conversion.

1.  Virtual Showcasing (Virtual Tours)

Virtual showcasing is more like conducting virtual tours to the interested parties. The traditional approach of visiting the property by connecting with real estate agents is time consuming and inconvenient. Things are even more painful when the property is miles away and the buyers need to travel way long distances. Virtual tours are the best way out. Mainly there are two types of virtual showcasing techniques or 3D virtual tours.

  • Guided Tour

The guided 3D virtual tours are a type of 3D visualization technique where the buyer gets to experience an immersive view of the property he/she is intending to purchase. It’s more like a 360-degree tour that helps the viewer to get the entire view of the space using a 3D VR headset.

  • Interactive Tour

It is similar to guided tour but has several hotspots for the user. The user may click them to decide which area they want to explore. Though creating the tour is a bit complicated but it’s worth the investment.

2.  Virtual Staging

This is another one of the best real estate digital marketing strategy with the help of Virtual reality. It’s quite unimpressive and challenging to make the prospects buy things when you make them visit a space which is not furnished. That’s where virtual staging steps in. This 3D VR technology service virtually furnishes the empty spaces and help the buyers get a real feel of exploring the space with furniture and all essentials. From wooden floorings to textures and from indoor plants to relaxing couches, 3D virtual reality can really push customer conversion beyond boundaries.

3.  Architectural Visualization

The biggest challenge for all real estate developers is to market their project in the initial phase i.e. before construction. Though, physical 3D modeling is a great way to impress the buyers but you need more! Virtual reality has made the entire process easy, immersive and budget-friendly by offering exemplary 3D architecture visualization services. Now the clients can easily visualize the interior and exterior of the properties being marketed and can make a better and informed decision.

4.  Virtual Commerce

What if customers are given an option to customize things as per their choice while conducting 3D real estate virtual tours and staging? Virtual commerce is a technique where the homeowners can immediately visit a 3D store and pick things of their choice such as flooring, curtains, furniture etc.

5.  Landlord Tenant Communication

In today’s era of smart homes, the usage of gadgets may be confusing to the tenants. VR in Real Estate can help to ease the communication between the tenant and the landlord. The property owner or the landlord can easily explain various functionalities involved or how buttons work etc. This seems a bit complicated and expensive process but is worth every penny spent.

Benefits of Virtual Reality in Real Estate

To provide a true to life and fully immersive experience to the home owners, VR in real estate serve as a blessing. 3D rendering, 3D modeling and other visualization techniques speed up the buying process by infusing confidence in the home owners on their property. 360 degree tours play a holistic role in getting the deal done. Let’s have a look how Virtual reality is actually reshaping the real estate industry. Check out the benefits.

1. Build An Emotional Connect

As the customer can get fully involved in the exteriors and interiors of the house, it leads to development of a sense of ownership. This technology actually allows the potential buyers to inspect each and every corner of the property virtually. The best part is that this can be done sitting right at their place.

2. Cost Friendly

As neither you nor the clients have to visit door to door in search of properties, a lot of money and time gets saved. With Virtual reality, you don’t have to stage the property every time plus you can save a lot on commuting expenses.

3. Profits Get Multiplied

Incorporating 3D technology and 3D visualization strategies in your real estate project offers a competitive edge against other similar profiles in your market. This will make your make your brand gain better visibility and more impetus. The profits will automatically roll in.

4. Global Reach

Normally, an average realtor can deal only with small number of projects at a time but with Virtual Reality, this number has no boundaries. 3D virtual tours offer a global reach to the real estate business irrespective of your client location. In short, you have more clients, more reach, more visibility and more enquires.

5. Unlimited Customization

3D rendering, modeling and walkthroughs do offer you a power of customization but with virtual reality, you can go beyond limits. With virtual reality you can convince even the most of discerning customers and even personalize the things as per their requirements. Such as you can change furniture, colors of curtains, changes in layouts, customizing interior designing options etc.

Bottom Line

Virtual reality helps to build vision amongst the homebuyers. This vision helps them connect with the space emotionally and make a physical and sensory connect without stepping inside the place physically. By embracing this modern 3D visualization technology, real estate stakeholders can actually:

  • expedite the buying process
  • boost customer confidence
  • go for a quick decision making
  • reduce buyer remorse

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