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Architecture Competitions & Awards List at National & International Level

List of Famous Architectural Competitions & Awards

Want to know about the most prestigious architecture competitions & awards? Look no further, as Renderspoint brings you the list of best architectural awards & competitions events. These awards recognize outstanding achievements in the field of architecture, celebrating innovative designs, sustainable practices, and contributions to the built environment. Let’s get started.

Famous Architecture Competitions & Awards USA

  • Pritzker Architecture Prize: Established in 1979, this award is given annually to a living architect for significant achievement. This one of the modern architecture competitions & awards is often referred to as “architecture’s Nobel” and “the profession’s highest honour”.
  • AIA Gold Medal: The highest honour awarded by the American Institute of Architects, this prize recognizes individuals whose work has had a lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture. Also, AIA Housing Awards recognize excellence in housing design in the United States, these residential architecture competitions & awards highlight innovative residential projects that address contemporary living needs. The Library Building Award category in AIA, honors new and renovated libraries that demonstrate exceptional architectural design and contribute to the communities they serve.
  • Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence: This award celebrates urban places that are distinguished by quality design and their contributions to the economic, social, and cultural vitality of their communities.
  • Driehaus Architecture Prize: Given to a living architect whose work embodies the highest ideals of traditional and classical architecture, this award promotes the principles of traditional urbanism and architecture.
  • National Design Awards: Presented by the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, these architecture design awards celebrate outstanding achievement in American design.
  • American Academy of Arts and Letters Gold Medals: These medals are awarded to individuals for distinguished achievement in the arts, including architecture.
  • American Society of Landscape Architects Medal: This landscape architecture award recognizes individuals or organizations for their distinguished work in the field of landscape architecture projects across diverse categories.
  • Gold Nugget Awards: Honors excellence in design, architecture, and planning within Great Park Neighbourhoods.
  • American Architecture Competitions Awards: A national and international awards program that recognizes new architecture, landscape architecture, interiors, and urban planning.
  • International Architecture Competitions Awards: A global, non-commercial, and public awards program given by two not-for-profit museums in the United States and Europe.
  • ASLA Professional Awards (United States): Celebrating excellence in landscape architecture in the United States, these American architecture awards & competitions recognize projects that demonstrate innovation and environmental stewardship.
  • Veronica Rudge Green Prize in Urban Design: These awards recognize outstanding achievement in urban design by a woman architect or landscape architect. The prizes are awarded annually by the Harvard University Graduate School of Design.

Famous Architecture Competitions & Awards UK

  • Stirling Prize: This prestigious award is given annually by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) to the best new building or project in the UK, with a focus on innovation and design excellence.
  • RIBA International Award: Recognizing the best new buildings around the world, this award is given to projects that demonstrate design excellence and architectural ambition.
  • RIBA House of the Year (United Kingdom): Presented by the Royal Institute of British Architects, this one of the renowned residential architecture awards honours the best-designed home in the UK, showcasing architectural creativity and functionality in residential design. Also, RIBA European Award celebrates the best architecture in Europe, recognizing outstanding projects that push boundaries and demonstrate innovative design. When it comes to best library architecture competitions & awards, the RIBA Library Design Award aims to recognize projects that demonstrate innovation, sustainability, and a strong sense of place.
  • Royal Gold Medal: Awarded by the Royal Institute of British Architects, this medal honours a significant contribution to the world of architecture.
  • RIAS Andrew Doolan Best Building in Scotland Award: This one of the best European architecture awards, recognizes the best building in Scotland, celebrating architectural excellence and innovation in the country. It is named in honour of the late Andrew Doolan, an influential Scottish architect.
  • Leeds Architecture Awards: Celebrating cool and new buildings in Leeds, these awards highlight the mix of old and new styles that make the city awesome. Recognizing super designs, the Leeds Architecture Awards contribute to making Leeds a modern and exciting place.
  • Sunday Times Architecture Awards: Focused on buildings that fit into the UK’s surroundings, the Sunday Times Architectural Awards highlight structures that enhance the beauty of their environment. These European architecture awards recognize new buildings that make the United Kingdom a better and more aesthetically pleasing place.
  • Brick Development Association Awards: Focused on the UK, these brick-in architecture awards commend projects that showcase the versatility and aesthetic appeal of brick in contemporary architecture.
  • The New London Awards: Backed by the Mayor of London, this regional New London architecture awards honour outstanding new projects across various sectors that positively impact their surroundings. An esteemed International Jury, guided by London-based Expert Assessors, will choose winners in 13 categories and 4 special prizes, including the Mayor’s Prize, presented at the Annual Awards Lunch in November.
  • RIBA Nathaniel Lichfield Award (UK): This one of the best enterprise architecture awards, celebrates projects demonstrating outstanding integration of architecture, planning, and sustainability principles, often showcasing the role of enterprise architecture in achieving these goals.
  • Ecclesiastical Insurance Cornerstone Awards: These religious architecture awards recognize the best in church conservation and repair, recognizing outstanding projects that contribute to the preservation and enhancement of historic churches.
  • Jane Drew Prize: Recognized as one of the best architecture competitions and awards recognize outstanding architectural design by a woman architect in the UK. This Celebrates the achievements of women in architecture and encourages more women to pursue careers in the field. It is awarded annually by the Architects’ Journal.

Other World Famous International Architecture Awards & Competitions (Global)

  • BBC Architecture Awards (Global): Showcasing buildings that make people go “wow!” worldwide, the BBC Architecture Awards celebrate extraordinary designs from all around the globe.
  • RIAI Architecture Awards (Ireland): Like a big high-five to excellent buildings in Ireland, the RIAI Architecture Awards celebrate designs that blend in with the unique Irish style. Recognizing smart and beautiful buildings, these Irish architecture awards contribute to making Ireland a more pleasant place to live.
  • Architizer A+ Awards (Global): These modern architecture awards recognize the world’s best architecture and building products, celebrating innovation, sustainability, and positive impact on communities. These international architecture awards are open to architects, designers, and product manufacturers from around the globe. The Architizer’s awards include various categories including the residential architecture awards category and the landscape architecture awards category.
  • World Landscape Architecture Awards (WLA): These awards are known to commemorate landscaping professionals for showcasing the cutting-edge and innovative landscape design across all scales and types. The annual competition attracts entries from all corners of the globe, making it a true platform for international exchange and inspiration.
  • World Architecture Festival (WAF): As the name suggests, these internal architecture awards are known to celebrate the best in global architecture, showcasing innovative and inspiring projects from around the world. This global architecture award festival features a three-day festival with talks, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, culminating in the WAF Awards ceremony.
  • NDTV Design and Architecture Awards (India): Celebrating creative designs that enhance living spaces, NDTV Design and Architecture Awards recognize smart and cool buildings in India. These awards contribute to the betterment of the built environment in India, showcasing designs that bring happiness.
  • Brisbane Regional Architecture Awards (Australia): Saying “good job” to buildings in and around Brisbane, these Australian architecture awards appreciate structures that reflect the style and character of the region. The Brisbane Regional Architectural Award highlights buildings that contribute to making Brisbane and its surroundings special and unique in Australia.
  • Wienerberger Brick Award (Global): Recognizing outstanding modern brick architecture on an international scale, these global brick architecture awards celebrate innovative and sustainable designs using brick.
  • AILA National Landscape Architecture Awards (Australia): Showcasing outstanding landscape projects in Australia, these Australian architecture awards honour designs that contribute to sustainable and vibrant outdoor spaces.
  • AIA NSW Architecture Awards (Australia): Organized by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), these NSW architecture competitions & awards recognize architectural achievements in New South Wales, highlighting a diverse range of projects that contribute to the built environment.
  • LEAF Awards (International): This one of the amazingly built architecture awards, organized by the esteemed Leading European Architects Forum (LEAF), are a prestigious annual honour recognizing truly groundbreaking architectural design. Established in 2001, LEAF is one of the renowned international architecture awards, that seeks out projects that not only push the boundaries of creativity but also set the benchmark for future generations.
  • Middle East Architect Awards (Middle East): Celebrating architectural excellence, these exclusively designed Middle East architectural awards and competitions highlight innovative projects that contribute to the development and advancement of architecture across countries in the Middle East.
  • NZIA Architecture Awards (New Zealand): Presented by the New Zealand Institute of Architects (NZIA), these NZ architecture competitions & awards acknowledge exceptional architectural projects across New Zealand, showcasing the diversity and quality of architecture in the country.
  • Governor General’s Medals in Architecture (Canada): Recognizing outstanding Canadian architecture, this one of the prestigious modern architecture awards honours projects demonstrating innovation, sustainable design, and excellence in the built environment, contributing significantly to the country’s architectural landscape.
  • Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) Awards of Excellence (Canada): Canada’s premier architectural awards program, celebrating excellence in design across all building types. These famous architecture competitions & awards in Canada recognize projects for their contribution to communities, sustainability, and innovation. Past winners include iconic structures like the Canadian Centre for Architecture in Montreal and the Park Royal on Robson in Vancouver.
  • Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence (Canada): Focuses on unbuilt projects, recognizing the power of design in shaping the future. This Canadian architecture award is open to architects registered in Canada or Canadian graduates for buildings designed anywhere in the world. This amazing architectural award celebrates bold ideas and pushes the boundaries of architectural thinking, paving the way for groundbreaking constructions.
  • Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit Awards: Recognizing individual and team achievements in applying architecture methodologies and frameworks to real-world business challenges.
  • Auckland Architecture Awards: These NZ architecture competitions & awards are organized by Te Kāhui Whaihanga, New Zealand Institute of Architects Auckland Branch. The major focus is to recognize the excellence in architecture across various categories, including commercial, education, heritage, hospitality, housing, interior architecture, planning & urban design, public architecture, small projects, and more. Recent Winner (2023) is Ōhinerau House by Bossley Architects in the Housing category.
  • Faith & Form International Religious Architecture Awards: This prestigious program celebrated excellence in religious architecture, restoration, and art, awarding projects ranging from new facilities to renovated cathedrals.
  • Aga Khan Award (Global): The Aga Khan Award for Architecture is one of the most appreciated religious architecture awards that recognizes excellence in religious architecture in Muslim communities. Established in 1977, it celebrates innovative designs of religious structures that integrate cultural identity, promote community engagement, and contribute positively to their surroundings.
  • Eileen Gray Award (France): This architecture awards for women honours exceptional achievements by women architects throughout their careers. Open to international architects, focusing on groundbreaking design and social impact. Anne Lacaton and Jean-Philippe Vassal were awarded recently for their contribution to humanistic and sustainable architecture.

Bottom Line:

So, here was the list of some of the best architectural awards. Find your category and start applying today. This list is diverse, and we have compiled only the most renowned ones. In case, you find something missed, you feel free to share it with us we will update this in our list. Renderspoint is the leading 3D visualization company offering award-winning 3D renders for your architectural projects. Hire Renderspoint today as your ultimate 3D rendering studio partner for all your 3D CGI needs.