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Architectural 3D Rendering Pricing Guide

Architectural 3D Rendering Pricing Guide

We are frequently contacted by potential clients and visitors through our websites and social media platforms and the most common question they ask is about the pricing for 3D renderings. Our product managers and designers are pleased to consult them. However, giving an exact amount is something unpredictable. Especially if a newbie messages or calls us, they are unaware of the standards and factors that contribute to making the final pricing of a 3d render. In this article, you will understand how industry experts calculate the project pricing, 3d architectural rendering pricing factors, different types of price ranges and how you can get well-optimized renders of the highest quality.

3D Visualization Cost Guide: Architectural 3D Rendering Pricing

3D rendering has quickly become one of the most indispensable parts of any architectural project. 3D renders aid in seamless collaboration and communication between various professionals such as architects, construction companies, designers, planners, clients etc. But, the prime concern of every stakeholder revolves around the cost of 3D rendering, how it is calculated and how they can save more. To make things clear and easier, our rendering studio has come up with an exclusive guide for factors on which 3D rendering pricing is calculated. Rendering solution companies consider various factors, conditions and strategies before giving a final quote to clients.

1. Project Size and Complexity – Depending on the size of the project and the complexity, the pricing of renders will vary. The pricing of a simple single-storey residential house will be less than that of a multi-storey building or a school. Intricate or larger projects will require more resources, more time and more labour as more detailing is required. Thereby increasing the overall 3d rendering pricing of the project.  

2. Detailed Information Provided or Not – If the client is very clear about the idea, communicates and briefs all the aspects of the project properly, shares all the reference materials covering every single detail, the cost comes down automatically. The main reason behind this is that if the client is unclear about the project vision, it becomes complicated for the 3D visualizer to comprehend the details and meet the expectations of the client. The visualizer needs to brainstorm and ask relevant questions to get to the core of the design idea which takes time. Further, there may be more revisions due to the obscure design vision of the client. It is advisable to perform thorough research, gather reference materials, and get 2D plans ready. This will certainly cut down on extra costs.  

3. Number of Renders – The number of renders impacts the cost directly. But, If the elements are shared between the renders, the 3d rendering pricing may go down a bit. However, if the visualizer has to create everything from scratch, the price will shoot for sure as again it will be labour-intensive work.  

4. Type of Rendering  

  • Service Availed: Different rendering services have separate costs associated with them. For example, the cost of interior rendering would be different from that of exterior rendering. Similarly, the cost / price of rendering a commercial space will be different from that of a residential project as the elements, speciality and technicalities involved are different for distinct types of rendering services. Also, the amount of space rendered is directly proportional to the cost of rendering.  
  • Formats Opted: The skills, completion time and details vary from project to project. There are many rendering formats available such as aerial, still, animation, walkthrough, flythrough, virtual tours, 360 view and more. The 3d rendering pricing of each format is different from the other, and no two formats can be compared. For example, the price of animation rendering would certainly be higher than still CGI as it requires higher level of skills, different software, more time to compile, more accuracy etc.  
  • Quality of CGI: There are essentially four types of qualities available for CGI namely – basic, medium, hyper-realistic and photorealistic. The price will be higher as you go higher in quality. Basic and medium-quality CGI are the most budget-friendly options. While hyperrealistic rendering gives you a quality close to a photograph with added natural elements like trees, grasses, sunlight etc., photorealistic rendering makes it resemble a photo. It’s hard to strike a contrast between a photo and a 3D render created in photorealistic quality. This will include more realistic materials, people, neighbourhood, excellent play of lights and shadows etc. The more you go close to getting photo-real, the architectural 3d rendering pricing will increase accordingly.  

5. Number of revisions – Most of the 3D rendering companies offer a fixed or limited number of revisions. After that, there will be a charge incurred with every revision as it will take up the precious time of the visualizers. The revisions can be minimized if the ideas are communicated in detail with proper briefings and reference materials. By providing proper feedback and reporting any concerns on time will help to get the number of revisions down.     

6. 3D Modeling or Not – Providing a 3D model drastically reduces the rendering pricing. Generally modeling and rendering are done together by any rendering company but in case the client already has a 3D model ready, the cost gets reduced.  

7. Experience, Expertise and Render Quality – These three terms are most importantly considered while making the render cost. A render firm with the best expertise provides seamless renders that encompass deep detailing, lighting, composition, appealing aesthetics, level of realism and composition of elements. It involves more time and effort of render firm and therefore charges can be expensive as compared to the company with the least experience, and basic expertise. However, the level of quality you need can be dictated by clients and that also helps in maintaining a budget.

8. Number of Views and Renders Requested – Small projects often request 4-8 renders whereas large-scale projects such as apartments or skyscrapers require more comprehensive and detailed presentations. It can go up to 30+ images. Views can vary from different angled elevations, bird-eye views, panorama, aerial or semi-aerial, 360-degree CGI, render videos or even a short trailer. In this way, 3D animation services cost is unpredictable. It all depends on clients and their wants.

9. Render Iterations and Changes Applied – 3d visualization studios with decent experience and well-qualified teams follow a particular approach to rendering iterations. As an industry expert in CGI modelling, we clearly understand our objectives, and plan and schedule with clients before proceeding. Followed by, sample works and again consultation with clients for their acceptance. We take complete accountability for their satisfaction. However, if they fail to inform required changes on time, the render team raises additional costs as it takes hard work.

10. Project Type, 3D Model Scale and Details – The rendering project directly impacts the render scale, and detailing required. Static projects require less detail and composition and therefore are less expensive. On the other hand, animations and 3d walk-throughs create a whole different level of environment and are expensive. Residential projects, Commercial and Industrial – it is the order of render cost from pocket-friendly to high cost. However, a house render with an exterior including extensive details such as streets, vehicles, greenery, benches, road signs, drainage system, birds, background etc. can result in additional charges for sure.

11. Time-Related Architectural 3D Rendering Pricing (Urgency or Deadlines) – The next factor is time. Rendering time depicts the duration of completion of a 3d visual image. The time directly depends on the elements and detail depth. If clients need a render project urgently, the render production team will charge extra for their overtime. While working on a deadline or a priority project, the 3D visualizer needs to spend more time visualizing the space and preparing the renders. This significantly impacts on the operational cost. Also, there may be chances that the quality may get compromised while delivering on a tight schedule. Giving ample time to the 3D artist will enable you to get renders that meet the expectations.  

Again, there is no specific amount of how much a rendering studio will charge. Some may charge hourly, some after delivery, and many could ask for fees in between. The idea is visualizations are created in less time direct less cost and vice versa. It can last from minutes to hours and days.

  • Increased rendering time: why do some renders take more time?
    • The level of details, effects and definition of visuals.
    • The number of lighting sources, the textures and minor changes could lead to increasing render time.
    • Curved surfaces, vegetation, and interior lighting can take more time than usual. Revisions so impact the total render duration.
    • Additional edits and revisions.
  •  What reduces rendering time: how rendering time can be reduced? – In case, you want to reduce the rendering time, opt for the least revisions, and fewer details, reducing revisions of render images reduces huge time and money.
  • Impact of Hardware and software on Rendering time – When render companies have less qualified teams or poor working software, it affects the speed, accuracy and completion time. This impacts processing time, and to reduce it many professional CGI studios use advanced tools for rendering services.

Charges for Expertise in the 3D Rendering Process

Generally, three experts are involved in crafting a render that impacts the render cost.

  1. A Project manager organizes, plans and gives the schedule for the entire process. He has his fees.
  2. Render artists consult with clients to gather requirements, create 2d and 3d models, and add texture, lighting and every small detail to the article. His professionalism is not straightforward at all. The complexity of designing a small object in a render could be greater than designing something larger such as a garden with trees or flowers. Thus, the cost of 3d artists can increase as per the detail demanded, and objects to be added such as furniture, animals, people etc. So, it impacts overall labour costs.
  3. The third one is a Photoshop artist who charges a processing cost. It is an optional job in rendering. If render service providers have their in-house team, then it is excluded. Some Photoshop artists and graphic designers use various tools to give the final touch and it adds up to the render cost.

Architectural Visualization 3D Rendering Pricing / Cost Estimation

Going in-depth into the pricing detail of architect modelling, 3d designers do charge differently from their clients. There is no fixed amount.

Particulars Duration Estimated Price Range
Architectural Walkthrough 10-14 Days $4000-$8000
Exterior Rendering 7-10 Days $1000-$4000
Interior Rendering 7-10 Days $1500-$5000
3D Floor Plan 3-4 Days $500-$1500

Budget is not an issue here; customers are willing to pay extra to beat the top-level agencies. Typically, the premium quality renders are used by marketing firms for branding, and advertising how impressive their product is.

How Render Studios Bill Clients?

Mainly, two ways are used for billing from clients by render firms.

  • Charge per render or image – With per-image render cost or price, you are charged a fixed price per image and it is generally applied in smaller projects. For instance: In residential 3d renders.
  • Charge for the entire project – Here, you are to pay the price for the entire project. Clients discuss their requirements which are further customized and then the final 3d rendering pricing is quoted. This is generally greater than per image pricing render cost.

Working on Budget Price

At Renderspoint, the leading 3D rendering studio, we understand that most of our clients are on a budget and follow certain strict guidelines. If this is the case, speak to our rendering artists, and we will help you get the best options that suit your budget or create customized packages for your project. We will work with you to ensure that the prices stay affordable and competitive with zero compromise on the quality.  

There may be similar profiles flooding the internet promising to deliver 3D renders at cheap prices, but the final deliverables will be disappointing and even ruin your brand. We all understand that quality comes at a price, so you must do proper research before finalizing your 3D rendering service partner. Exploring the portfolio, social media, websites, and case studies will help you make the right decision.  

The 3D renders provided by Renderspoint will certainly help you close the deal by meticulously illustrating your vision to the clients, board members, regulatory bodies, investors, or your audiences. We collaborate with you, understand your concept and thinking process and come up with designs that are true to your ideas and at unbelievable prices. Write to us at support@renderspoint.com or call us at +44 (0) 20 8146 5629.  

The Conclusion

Each architecture 3d visualization studio may follow a different approach to render cost. Quality, expertise, project complexity, render iterations, volume and the quality of CGI contribute to giving a final rendering service cost. Additionally, 3d visual costs are influenced by the brand and artists’ skills. Renderspoint is the master of creating realistic, high-end, and premium quality renders from a single house to skyscrapers. We develop a variety of captivating animations, customised to clients’ requirements. Feel free to consult our seasoned team for discussions about architectural rendering at 020 8146 5629. Get in touch at support@renderspoint.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: What is the cost for a 3d render project?
3d rendering pricing depends on many factors including project complexity, experience, render quantity and quality, iterations, materials, software used and many more components.

Question 2: How much does a 3D render charge?
3d render individual can have a fixed or variable price range. Depending on a 3d rendering expert, render fees can change. You can also customize it according to your budget by removing some features.

Question 3: Why 3D rendering is so expensive?
Photorealistic visualization includes various objects, complex scenes, detailing, lighting, composition, animations and topological elements. The aim is to provide as realistic a render as possible and therefore superior techniques are used that make it more expensive.