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3D Exterior Rendering Services

Photorealistic 3D exterior rendering services at competitive pricing by trusted visualization Studio


Architectural 3D Exterior Rendering Company

3D Exterior Rendering is one critical checkpoint that assess the future of any proposed building. Struggling to impress stakeholders/clients as they’re unable to visualize with sketches and drawings? Feel the power of 3D architectural visualization with Renderspoint as we deliver high-quality exterior renders that ensure accurate, detailed, and realistic visualization of the project. Be it residential or any commercial building, our photorealistic exterior CGI ensures adding the right human emotion that instantly impresses your clients and the project is given a green signal.

Professional 3D Exterior Rendering Services by Renderspoint

3D Exterior Rendering Services by Renderspoint provide a revolutionary breakthrough to the architects, space designers, property marketers, realtors and more to showcase their design and projects. The realistic, immersive, highly detailed, and precise 3D exterior models and renders by our rendering studio artists help you see the proposed building design before actual construction starts.

3D artists in our rendering firm are highly experienced and professional in understanding the requirements and realise your dream ideas on 3D renders. From colours, textures, window shapes to roof layout to bird eye view of the proposed building, the CGI is so real that it stands indistinguishable from a picture (photograph).

What is 3D Exterior Rendering?

3D Exterior rendering is a process of creating high quality, photorealistic representation of the exterior of the future building. This computer-generated imagery of the building exterior is an excellent way to give life to the concepts and ideas in a colorful, detailed impressive and realistic way before actual construction begins. The objective of 3D exterior rendering is just not to create beautiful visualizations but also to make sure that all the stakeholders stay on the same page. Whether it’s construction contractors, designers or investors, 3D exterior render gives them a clear picture on expectations and makes them confident in taking better, informed decisions.

Why Hire Renderspoint for 3D Exterior Rendering Services?

Renderspoint is one of the leading 3D architectural visualization studios offering professional 3D exterior rendering services over a decade. 100% client satisfaction and unmatched quality are the main goals of our services. We have partnered with many big names in the industry and our legacy is well reflected in our portfolio and loyal clientele. Here’s what makes us the best 3D exterior rendering services vendor.

  • Experience that Adds Value: We have over a decade of industry experience which is key reason of our success. We completely understand the intricacies of the project and importance of visualization. We provide 3D renders by working on the latest styles, techniques, technology and trends to make sure that our every deliverable becomes a milestone in your success journey.
  • Emotions in Every CGI Delivered: 3D exterior renders and models by Renderspoint are just not representations that are made by giving commands to the software. Our rendering artists completely involve themselves to give a human touch with the right emotions to the visualization that turn the exterior CGI impressive and approval-worthy in just one glance.
  • Innovative Visualization that Guarantees Customer satisfaction: One of the unique points that makes Renderspoint stay ahead of any local rendering company near you is that our work guarantees deep customer satisfaction. Our team keep you involved in every step to make sure your get a fantastic final render. Thus, ensures reduced revision work and saves a lot of money as well.
  • Top notch Hyper-Realistic Quality: Want to have that magazine like quality in your exterior designs? We are your go-to destination for 3D exterior rendering services. Our hyper realistic quality of 3D exterior renders just stand equivalent to that of a photograph, and it gives a feel like it’s a picture of a building that already exists and not a future one which is yet to be constructed.
  • Professional and Dedicated team: The 3D rendering team at Renderspoint is professional, dedicated, and reliable. The team understands that no two projects are same and offer proper time and dedication to every project. This ensures that the final 3D exterior renders are unique, engaging and fully realistic.
  • Best Turnaround Time and guarantee timely delivery: We start the project as soon we receive it. Yes, we offer same day start with an assurance to deliver the project in best turnaround time. Trust Renderspoint when it comes to timely delivery as we stand on your promises and commitments.
  • Caters to Every type of Project: Be it small residential house exterior design or visualizing a futuristic urban area, Renderspoint has a huge exterior rendering team to cater to all your bespoke exterior visualization solutions.
  • Competitive Pricing and No Hidden Charges: Unlike, many local 3D exterior rendering firms near you, there are absolutely no hidden charges at Renderspoint. Our prices are purely competitive, and our quotes are unmatched in the market.

Benefits of Exterior Rendering in Architectural Projects

Modern Architectural projects are just incomplete without interior and exterior rendering or visualizations. The CGI says a lot about the project not only about the look-n-feel but also about the stability, environment, and neighbourhood. It plays a very crucial role in better and in depth understanding of any project. Here’s are some reasons

1. Photo Realistic Quality that Impresses

3D Exterior Renders project a realistic image of the future building or house in a way that impresses the clients and the investors. 3D exterior rendering services enable the creation of walkthroughs, virtual tours etc that make the visualization experience more immersive and engaging. They help understand various other factors of the exterior world such as how the property will look in different seasons, climate, neighbourhood, and landscapes.

2. Perfect for Marketing (Online/Offline)

Be it offline presentation mood boards/ billboards or digital presentations or Instagram reels, 3D exterior CGI gives a powerful medium to showcase designs in any world. Getting exterior rendering services for your project helps to presell your properties fast.

3. Increases Project Approval Rate

3D exterior visualization makes your clients see the future property before constructions starts. Exterior rendering serves an excellent medium to give canvas to your designs and meet the client expectations at the same time. Certainly, boosting the customer satisfaction rate and getting project approved.

4. Impressive Architectural Presentations and Portfolio

As an architect or space designer, your presentation and portfolio speak about your brand value. Having an impressive portfolio will bring you more clients and well-detailed presentation having 3D renders will make increase your client conversion rate. Detailed, engaging and high-quality 3D exterior renders are the critical component your website and social media as well. Getting 3D exterior rendering done from a professional architectural visualization company increases your chances of getting qualified in any architectural competition.

5. Early identification of Flaws and other Complications

Finalizing 3D renders means final approvals from client and other stakeholders involved. Any flaws or issues are corrected in the real time. This saves a lot of time as going for corrections during construction time will cost more money, time, and resources. Identifying flaws at the designing phase will reduce the chances of delays and the work will get completed on time.

6. Clear and Transparent Communication

Having a clear picture of the project keeps the expectations of all the persons involved on the same wavelength. No more communication gaps between any stakeholders. This is possible only with 3D exterior rendering service.

Formats of 3D Exterior Rendering Services at Renderspoint

Renderspoint brings to you an exclusive exterior CGI for your projects that makes your idea stand out loud everywhere. Whether it’s your website, social media, portfolio, client presentation, or any competition, choose the best exterior rendering solution and make your voice heard.

  • Still Exterior Rendering Solutions

Capture your viewer’s attention by showcasing your projects in best of light, camera, and environment with 3D exterior rendering services by Renderspoint. Being one of the best visualization studios across globe, we offer diverse still rendering solutions such as photomontage rendering, aerial images, 3D still exterior renders and more.

  • Animation Exterior Rendering Solutions

Want to feel the effect of a Hollywood movie? Want to see your designs moving? Yes, 3D exterior animation services by Renderspoint make your dreams and aspirations come true. Our 3D exterior animation services include 360 animation, walkthrough, virtual tours and more. Just speak to our 3D rendering experts and they will help you get the best of all worlds.

  • According to Camera Angles

Depending on how you want to view the project, there are three exterior rendering options available. Depending on the rendering done at human eye level or standing at the top of building or from the bird’s eye view, camera angle needs to be adjusted accordingly. The cost of 3D exterior rendering varies with the angles projected as well.

Workflow Followed For 3D Exterior Rendering Services

Getting 3D rendering services with Renderspoint is very easy. You just need to fill in the form and our 3D design experts will reach out to you for more details and quote. The process followed includes:

1. Quotation and Gathering Information

Our experts share the cost estimates of 3D exterior rendering in the form of quotation after receiving the basic information such as 2D plans, sketches, or any references. After that, detailed information is collected such as type of rendering service, layouts, expectations, quality expected and more. Here exact cost of 3D exterior rendering is calculated.

2. Preparing 3D Exterior Models

The project gets kick started by setting the stage for 3D exterior models which are nothing but a representation of the expected building using polygons. This gives the basic structure of the building. Feedback is welcomed from the client and is incorporated accordingly.

3. Adding Realistic Elements

Now, comes the next stage of adding realistic materials to the 3D exterior model such as colours, textures, setting environment, people, vehicles etc. Depending on the type of visualization expected, elements are added accordingly.

4. Setting light and camera Angle

Now for the final touches, appropriate lighting is given, and camera angle is set to make the render appear full of life. Like for an aerial view, a much larger angle would be needed, and more components would be involved such as neighbourhood, roads, buildings etc.

5. Feedback for the Renders

The exterior rendering designs are then sent to the client for feedback and the changes, or the tweaks suggested are incorporated. At, Renderspoint stay rest assured of reduced revision work as our highly talented and experienced 3D artists deliver what you envision and meet your expectations perfectly.

6. Approval and Final Renders

After getting the approvals, some final settings and corrections are made. The final rendering gets complete, and the 3D exterior renders are now ready for delivery.

Who can take our Exterior Rendering services?

Though 3D exterior rendering services are popular amongst architects, marketers and space designers, these services can be availed by anyone who is interested in building a house or an entire urban complex structure. Interesting? Let’s dive in.

1. Architects & Space Designers

Make your clients understand the project better and in the way they want. Be it watching from ground level or from the bird’s eye view, the exterior rendering can make the client presentations more immersive and engaging. Also, you can add renders to make your digital presence more attractive by using it on your website, brochure, or other advertisements.

2. Individuals/ homeowners

If you are planning a construction of your home, bungalow or carrying out any renovation or extension work, getting 3D exterior rendering done will help you save a lot on your time and money. 3D renders are your investment and is worth every single penny spent.

3. Real Estate Developers & Property Marketers

Real estate developers, realtors or managers can use 3D rendering services in making their properties pre-sell even before construction work kick starts. You can easily grab the attention of public towards your projects by using still rendering and exterior rendering animation services and make your project an instant hit.

4. Construction firms/Builders/ Contractors

Construction contractors or builders get a clear and detailed idea on the layout and structure of their architectural project using 3D exterior renders. The digital renders can easily be rotated as well as zoomed in to get a more accurate dimensional view of the project. 

Importance of 3D Exterior Rendering in Architecture Industry

Today, almost everything can be made and customized depending on demand. The objective of 3D visualization tends is to provide a prototype of a project so that the clients can have more satisfaction regarding the model. Additionally, the required modifications can be performed easily with 3D visualizations. Rendering is a cost-effective and efficient way to review performance before construction. 

1. 3D Visualization Services Give the Prototype In Hand 

By using 3d rendering at exterior designs, the project comes out with more accuracy, functionality, and reliability in the design. The external architectural rendering provides a complete idea of the finished project even before the construction work. 

  • It expands the growth of the company as the customer gets a pretty idea from the prototype and becomes willing to grab the design. 
  • Prototype makes it possible for the client to observe and look at the exterior from every angle. 
  • Product design professional also provides a walk of the building for more satisfaction of the client. 

2. Earlier Corrections Can Be Made By Professional 3d Designs 

It may happen that a client is not able to express or clearly brief about their idea of exactly what they want. This happens due to a lack of understanding, communication and unable to express the desires. The instability to decide what it wants exactly can create a disorder and an unpleasant experience. To resolve this, 3D visualizations are holding hands. 3D rendering services eliminate the regrettable part of a client by showing the exact output. 

  • Before the construction works, the customer can request changes at any time, so it is important to keep him up to date with the rendering drawings. 
  • The colours, positioning, dimensions and shapes can be customized by designing various structures and one to one interaction with graphic software leaves a comfortable impact on the client to speak more about his demands. 

3. Professional 3D Designs Are Capable Of Detecting Required Changes 

The Architecture that does not use 3D rendering services has to face problems regarding natural environmental conditions. Sunlight, rain, air, atmospheric pressure, snow, and many other more sudden conditions have a greater effect on building a design. 

  • The 3d rendering allows the cause and effect to be projected onto each corner of the building. Without rendering, the whole construction can go in vain. 
  • All atmospheric changes are applied to a specific design and the software implements them to identify possible outcomes. 
  • 3D rendering prevents such problems by detecting before construction and replacing the structural design with appropriate calculations. 

This practice makes a difference and saves resources too. 

4. Product Design Professionals Connect Emotionally With Consumers

Anyone can communicate with you through the mind and mouth, but not everyone connects emotionally and heart to heart with a customer or designer. Similarly, a client briefly states the results they want, but the detailed conversation is rarely seen between the idea communicated and the designs retrieved. A professional 3D architectural visualization has the power to build significant connection with the viewer. The amazing and breathtaking 3D views allow the client to speak more about his desires and dreams. Why?  

  • The images are so realistic that they leave a familiar, authentic effect on anyone who sees them. 
  • A home is a matter of emotion, and 3D rendering services allow people to feel the vibrations of construction even while looking at a single picture. 

5. 3D Rendering Services Have A Positive Impact On The Team

For a construction company, 3D rendering gives advantages to all team members for better project management. A single designer cannot go far in the realm of design and construction; if he or she holds the hand of a team, they collectively can do wonders. If you’re unable to make your teammates visualize the project, the work may suffer due to a lack of understanding of the concept. Acknowledging the design better by each member proves a better overall result. 

  • The 3d rendering opens the way to allow everyone to get a detailed and realistic view of the project and can participate in decision making.  
  • The concern of each team member can be taken by directly displaying the 3d design. Teammates can report errors and ask for changes that you have no idea about. 
  • Increases the efficiency and longevity of the project. 
  • All engineers, designers and software vendors can exchange ideas on the exterior design of a building. 

6. Desired Paint & Exterior Materials Can Be Chosen for 3D Renders 

Since everything about the project is open to everyone. A client can make ideal choices regarding exterior paint and materials for use on walls and objects. Traditional design methods lack this type of interaction and result in mistakes and unexpected results. 3D exterior rendering services being offered at smart and advanced levels with advanced technologies have made it possible to get a demo of the accessories, items and other designs that you want to create on the exterior. 

  • The 3d render image can be shown to all the stakeholders for a better opinion or feedback. 
  • The green belt such as trees, shrubs, hedges etc and even lights can be well depicted and planned with the help of renders. 
  • Materials such as wood, glass, granite, plywood, and any kind of finish can be experienced with 3d pictures.  
  • It soothes and refreshes the mind automatically, whenever anyone watches their 3d rendering visualization. 

7. Render 3D Images offer a Better Way to Close Deals 

The market is flooded with similar profiles of 3D visualization companies but the ideal ones are those who offer engaging, realistic, professional and above all practical renders that woo your clients. These 3D rendering architecture images not only help you stand competitive but also emerge into a well-established BRAND! Let’s check how?  

  • The 3d rendering limits the designer and software engineers to put arrows into the darkness by helping them identify the flaws beforehand. Hence, shields the customer and the market. 
  • Security and surety about the exterior design come out in front and helps in a much clearer idea about architecture. 
  • Right presentation by dealer helps in delivering the idea to write customers. Accurate discussions make the potential plans and better closing of deals. 

8. 3D Render Services are Cost-Effective & Accessible 

The latest and cutting-edge rendering software today come with rich features and spell-binding functionality. The rich features add life to even the most normal looking exterior drawings which immediately impresses the clients and even help the construction team to work with appropriate precision, without flaws. Changes can be made quickly with the help o software based on the feedback. This significantly lowers the construction cost as it mitigates any rework.  

  • Rapid changes can be made by professionals anytime by changing the demand. 
  • It saves an abundance of money that could have spent on redesigning external architecture. 
  • All of these major key points make 3d rendering an inexpensive, fast, and convenient way to develop a better architecture. 

9. Concepts and Thoughts Can Be Shared Virtually 

Global is the call! The portfolio, the designs and the work can easily be shared online and communicated globally. The files are sent directly to the client through email or uploading on virtual drives or cloud. This means the process is instant. In a blink of an eye! This means speedy work and no waiting time. Therefore, by delivering beautiful and impressive exteriors speedily and with zero waiting time, the construction work can be kick-started early (of course, after the approval of the renders) and gets completed on time. 

10. Best Way to Present the Idea 

3D Architecture Rendering provides many benefits that cannot be matched by traditional mechanisms of constructions. Indeed, it’s a perfect approach to present the idea in front of the investors, workers, and customers. 3D rendering helps visualizing the images of structures that are hard to imagine and make you get a sneek peak into the future. 3D rendering allows people to look into the future. People are happy and satisfied with the services provided by 3D visualization trends. 

Applications of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

We, being the best exterior rendering Studio have the right experience in catering to diverse industries. Our 3D render artists will help you decide the best possible exterior rendering solution for your project. Here’re some of the applications

1. Commercial Building Exterior Rendering Solution

Our expert commercial building exterior services offer your professional 3D rendering solutions for all your commercial projects. The list given below is just an idea on what are the popular exterior rendering applications.

  • Educational Buildings such as universities, colleges, schools, libraries, and other educational buildings.
  • Public Buildings such as community centers, parks, gyms, offices, government buildings, malls, skyscrapers, urban buildings etc.
  • Industrial Buildings such as MNC buildings, corporate offices, storage buildings, manufacturing plants, warehouses and more.
  • Healthcare Sector such as hospitals, labs, dispensaries, clinics etc.
  • Hospitality Sector such as Restaurants, hotels etc.

The list is never ending. Just share your vision, and our experts will get the exterior rendering done for you.

2. Exterior Residential Rendering

The exterior rendering for residential buildings includes everything such as the structure, the roof style, garage, landscape, façade of the building, parking areas, pools, pergola and more. Apart from residential dwellings such as small homes, villas, or bungalows etc. apartment rendering and real estate rendering is also included. The aerial view of the residential buildings will clearly make the residents clearly visualize how it would feel like living in that apartment in future. With right realistic elements such as light, people and vehicles, people can imagine themselves as living in there.

Cost of 3D Exterior Rendering Services

The needs and requirements of different rendering projects are different. We can’t share exact prices as the requirements of one project may not be the same with other. Only after detailed discussions and understanding your vision, we would be able to share the cost estimates. Just email us your project requirements, reference, and everything that you have, our experts will study this and give a best possible price for your exterior rendering solution. Also, keep a note that there are certain factors that influence the cost of 3D exterior CGI. Some of the cost factors are:

  1. Type of building: The cost of a house rendering would be different from an exterior render of a Bungalow.
  2. Type of rendering service availed: The cost of an exterior animation would be different from that of a still render.
  3. Scale and Complexity: The exterior rendering of a school would be different from that of a house and would involve more complexity. Also, the cost of a 10 second animation video would be higher that of a 15 sec video.
  4. Environment Detailing: Adding more realistic components such as pets, cars, people, furniture, greenery etc would automatically increase the cost.

Have Questions?

Renderspoint always believes to deliver you best CGI that meets all your exterior rendering needs and expectations. We stand as your best 3D exterior rendering and visualization partner. Take the load off your shoulders by hiring us for all your 3D architectural visualization needs. Don’t forget to explore our portfolio designs and case studies to get a glimpse of all the work we do, and our ultimate quest toward customer satisfaction. Speak to us at 020 8146 5629 or you may email your requirements at support@renderspoint.com. Give a Green Signal to your architectural projects with us!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • It depends. There are several factors that affect the completion time of 3D exterior rendering such as complexity, number of renders, quality, format of exterior rendering etc. But, At Renderspoint, you will get the best turnaround time for your project.

  • To avail our 3D exterior rendering services, you may call us directly, or fill the enquiry form or email us all your details. Our exterior 3D visualization experts will connect with you shortly.