facebook Best 3D TV Unit Designs: Media Unit Rendering by Renderspoint

What are the Best 3D TV Unit Designs by Renders Point? : Media Unit Rendering

What are the Best 3D TV Unit Designs by Renders Point? : Media Unit Rendering

A TV is an essential source of elements and an integral part of the living room’s décor. With technological advances, the TV designs have shrunk from bulky boxes to slim and sleek wall-mounted units.

With such a dramatic transformation, it is essential to consider the media unit design that not only serves the functionality but also adds aesthetics to the space.

Additionally, before choosing the media unit design, it is essential to look at the size and layout of the living room.

Are you confused about the essentials to be considered before choosing the media unit design for your room’s space?

Here are some essentials you must consider! 

Consider the room layout before selecting the media unit design

Before choosing the media unit for your living room space, it is essential to consider the room’s layout and the position you want to fit your television within.

If the style and size of the entertainment unit are not in sync with the living room’s layout, then indeed, it looks awkwardly adjusted.

So, you must consider the area that your media unit will occupy and the color and styles it can ensure the right fit for your living room.

The media unit size should complement the Television size

Instead of mounting your TV on the wall, if you choose to place it on a stand, you must choose the ideal design for the television size.

As per the experts, the cabinet should be either of the same size or larger than the TV screen size. Therefore, you gotta choose the design that complements the size and enhances the aesthetics simultaneously.

Whether you choose the freestanding units or built-in ones, it is highly advisable to choose the one with enough storage space to accommodate all the entertainment gadgets and display the decorative accessories to keep the room well decorated.

Choose the color and material wisely.

The color and material type of the media unit should match the overall décor of the space. A media unit made in the dark-toned woods provides a traditional feel and brings warmth to the space.

You must choose the material and color that matches the color scheme of the room.

Choose the media unit that suits the lifestyle.

While choosing the media units, ensure to choose the perfect one for catering to your requirements and lifestyle.

Different types of media units you can choose from!

The media unit comes in several styles and designs. However, the most common ones include:

Built-in media wall unit

Built-in media wall units are the most common type of design that is often used in modern homes living rooms. It generally serves as a background for the wall-mounted TV unit.

A built-in media unit for the living room can be personalized according to the requirement, space and aesthetic while keeping in mind the future requirements.

Entertainment zone

Such media unit designs are generally ideal for large halls. These can be designed to serve as a perfect entertainment zone for the family while providing a great cinematic experience.

With the ample storage space to accommodate all the entertainment CDs, gadgets, and other essentials, entertainment zone units requires specifically designated space to make the experience better than ever.

Television hutch

A television hutch refers to the model where the TV is enclosed within the cabinet.

Here, the TV unit is not really the focal point of the space but blends well with the room’s décor that leaves no awkwardly adjusted space in the room.

Low TV unit

Low TV unit style is the one that is typically adjusted at the lower heights and extends along the wall’s length.

It is generally considered ideal for rooms with lower seating arrangements to keep the TV at a comfortable viewing height.

The TV units are just like another kind of furniture that comes in a variety of styles, colors, and materials.

With everyone’s individual preferences and the décor of the space, these sleek, contemporary, and modern media unit designs are ruling the roost at the moment.

Let us take a closer look at it!

Trending Media Unit Designs by Renders Point!

Sleek and minimal Media Unit

Sleek and minimal Media Unit

This media unit is sophisticated, minimalist, sleek, and beautiful, with a perfectly modern and traditional blend. This media unit design stands out due to the minimalist design with no messed-up overlapping of materials.

The additional storage in pristine white accommodates all the entertainment gadgets, while the open wooden storage allows displaying your collectibles.

The white cabinets add a clean aesthetic to the space, while the wooden shelves add texture.

Wall-mounted media unit with no back paneling

Wall-mounted media unit with no back paneling

Look at this media unit design. Isn’t it a simple, classy, and elegant piece of attraction in the subtle, cool grey catching the attention? Indeed.

The attractive part of the entire design is the color combination that adds elegance to the space and a minimalist storage design accommodating entertaining gadgets while displaying the collectibles in wooden texture.

Simply stunning monochrome media unit.

Simply stunning monochrome media unit.

Bulky furniture often eats up the space and makes the entire room look cramped. The subtle combination of the subtle colors is made with different glossy materials to give a classy look.

The catchy attention factor about this design is the quirky illuminated storage offering enough space to display the collectibles and add more aesthetic to the space.

Wall-mounted Modern Media Unit

Wall-mounted Modern Media Unit

Isn’t this design something refined and regal? Well, indeed! Perfect addition for a soft-toned room with a touch of modernity!

The quirky open storage and cabinets in pastels give a decent look to the space. The illuminated addition above the TV unit beautifully keeps the space well lighted and gives a better viewing experience.

Simply stunning modern media unit

Simply stunning modern media unit.

A completely functional media unit features ample storage space, enhancing the viewing experience and entertainment.

This media unit design is an uncommon one, but if you have a massive bare wall, you can certainly try it.

Along with the base unit, ample open storage to show off the accessories and cabinets with drawers offers massive storage space to shelter all the essentials while keeping the space clutter-free.

Conventional media unit with quirky open storage

Conventional media unit with quirky open storage

This dreamy room in the combination of white and warm wood tones takes a more conventional approach with timeless white cabinets and open shelves for the speakers and other equipment.

A beautiful combination of various cabinet types and wall-mounted TV units with illuminated vision matching the interiors well while enhancing the aesthetic of the living room space.

A modern TV unit with marble back paneling

A modern TV unit with marble back paneling

Love whites combined with dark-toned matches? Go for the white back paneling in marbles matched with dark-toned cabinets to shelter all the entertaining gadgets within.

The combination of open storage cabinets and hinged cabinets in dark and wooden textures gives a clean look to the space while keeping the space clutter-free.

And the elegant white textured marble elegantly enhances the living room’s interiors while augmenting the overall viewing experience.

Warm and woody media unit

Warm and woody media unit

Look at this warm wooden media unit utilizing the entire wall while giving it a new life with the traditional wood texture.

This definitely looks better than a simple tabletop and is an amazing addition to the living room in terms of style and aesthetics.

This media unit has inbuilt storage space to accommodate the electronic gadgets and open shelves to display the décor.

Modern TV Unit in dark woods matched with aqua

Modern TV Unit in dark woods matched with aqua

The dark wood cabinets in the plain and textured pattern make this media unit pop against the soothing splash of aqua blue walls.

This media unit design is inherently contemporary, with neat lines in the oakwood and a broad structure capturing the entire wall of the living room space.

Either display the décor or adjust your electronic gadgets, enhancing the viewing experience in the open storage; the choice is all yours. 

Warm and chocolaty media unit

Warm and chocolaty media unit

This media unit is a sleek, beautiful, and sophisticated blend that contains all the right ingredients of a show stopper. This media unit stands out due to its white wooden texture matched with a brown wall backdrop.

When matched with the light alternate walls and wooden flooring, nothing could be better than this.

From sheltering the décor elements to accommodating the entertaining gadgets, this media unit brings it all in one.

Minimalist wooden laminate media unit

Minimalist wooden laminate media unit

How about this wooden media unit matched with the white combination drawers and open storage in the living room? Isn’t it creating a beautiful addition in the room?

Yes, due to this media unit’s slimline storage space requirements and open shelves, layouts can get more creative.

The block arrangement of this media unit to both sides creates a specific place to display all the decorative and treasured items.

Sleek media unit design

Sleek media unit design

This media unit comprises a floor-standing base unit and a unique wall-mounted TV enhancing the viewing experience in the minimal requirements.

The floor-standing base unit offers additional storage space to shelter all the entertainment-related gadgets and simultaneously display your collectibles or adjust speakers.

Wood finished accent backdrop media unit

Wood finished accent backdrop media unit.

This wood-finished accent backdrop media unit matched with creamy cabinets and open shelves is the attentive factor of this media unit.

This amazing wooden wall media unit design enhances the viewing experience and adds an aesthetic to the living room space.

Each open storage shelf can be used your way, whether you display the décor in it or adjust a superior sound system to get that vibe of home theatres.

Wooden backdrop media unit with floating shelves

Wooden backdrop media unit with floating shelves

The entertainment experience doesn’t need to be tedious all the time. Look at this media unit design with floating shelves. Do you think it can make your experience boring at all? Not really!

The floor base of this media unit is perfectly designed to accommodate your speaker and other entertainment gadgets.

At the same time, the floating shelves give you a great opportunity to display your décor and enhance the interiors simultaneously.

Bottom Line!

When we talk about a media unit, the entire room’s space needs to be reconsidered with expertise as this can majorly impact the home’s aesthetic and affect it all!

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