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3D Product Rendering has revolutionized the way the product designing, manufacturing, and marketing industry works. This creative technique has allowed the industries to make their presence felt and break through the competition by creating high-resolution renders of the products. 3D product renderings help build emotional connections with customers by creating interactive experiences using videos, animations, and images.

This amazing product CGI not only helps promote and sell products better but also enables the customers to make wellinformed decisions. Renderspoint specialises in delivering high-quality, photorealistic 3D product visualization services for manufacturers, designers, marketers, customers and more. Let’s discuss 3D product rendering in detail.      

What is 3D Product Rendering

3D product rendering or visualization is a process of creating 2D high-resolution images of a product that is yet to be introduced in the market. These images obtained from 3D models are widely used in the marketing and promotional industry. Whether it’s designing, or manufacturing, or marketing, 3D product renderings help to make the best foot forward in all aspects. The main aim of 3D product rendering is to create lifelike images of the product design that will help in better explanation, understanding and marketing of the product.  

What are the Benefits of 3D Product Rendering

3D product rendering is causing a lot of hype in marketing, promotion and selling of products. Whether it’s about introducing a new product in the market or customizing an existing one, 3D product visualizations will help you make the right decisions and make a strong competitive move. Let’s have a look at why 3D product rendering solutions are a must for every product company.  

  • Product Storytelling through Visuals  

Visuals communicate better than words! The immersive visual representations of the product help gain a better understanding of the product than 3D models or rough sketches. 

  • Effective Idea Communication to Stakeholders 

Getting 3D Product Rendering from a professional CGI agency will help to communicate the ideas, designs, features, and benefits of the product with clarity. They also add the necessary emotion through lifelike renderings that impress the stakeholders.  

  • Streamline Product Design & Flaws Identification  

The product design process can be streamlined as innovative product renders enable to visualizing the product in detail and identifying potential flaws early on, saving time and resources. The necessary colour, material, shape etc can be experimented and changed early in the product development process.  

  • Enhanced Marketing Strategies and Increased Sales 

3D Product visualization elevates the marketing campaigns with high-quality visuals that engage customers and drive sales through enhanced product presentations and demonstrations. 

Formats of 3D Product Rendering

Based on your needs, formats, type of product, budget and industry standards, 3D product rendering comes in various formats. Let’s have a look. If you still have a doubt reach out to our professional 3D product rendering experts for more clarity and guidance.   

1. Still 3D Product Rendering 

Still 3D product rendering or image rendering is one of the most common types of 3D visualization where a single image is used to showcase the product from different perspectives and angles. They are commonly used in catalogues, magazines, ecommerce websites, billboards, and other advertising materials. Based on your needs and requirements, still renders are further classified into the following types.    

  • 3D Studio Renders: Here 3D images of the product are created in a controlled studio environment. The product is showcased from different angles with neutral backgrounds. It is widely used in ecommerce websites such as Amazon, eBay etc.  
  • 3D Breakaway Renders: These 3D image renders involve removing the external section of the product or making it transparent to reveal its internal components.  
  • 3D Lifestyle Renders: To depict the product within real-life contexts or scenarios or interiors, 3D lifestyle renders are a perfect pick.  
  • 3D Detailed Renders: These renders include a close-up view of the product that helps to illustrate the intricate details of the product. The zoomed-in or closeup camera angle is chosen to showcase fine details.  
  • 3D Product Infographics: Infographics talk about a product’s features, specifications, and benefits. These renders or product infographics may include text, charts, and product images to convey information effectively 
  • 3D Advertising Renders: Here the simple studio renders are photomontage with some lifelike backgrounds which makes the images apt for advertising on catalogues and other digital mediums.   
  • 3D Product Teaser Renders: These renders often focus on creating intrigue and excitement without revealing too much detail about the product. 3D Product teaser renders are used to generate anticipation for upcoming product releases. 

2. Interactive Product Rendering  

This type of 3D product rendering service involves creating renders that are immersive, engaging, and interactive. This includes product zooming in and out, rotating, changing colours and more. Choose the rendering type that suits your project requirements.    

  • Product Animation: Here dynamic sequences of images are created in the form of animation to illustrate product features, assembly processes, or functionality and more. 3D product animation solutions provide the best marketing and promotional materials for your advertising needs. 
  • 360 Product Render: By using this format, users can interactively rotate the product and view it from all angles. The customers enjoy a highly immersive and engaging experience that enables them to examine the product holistically. 
  • 3D Exploded Renders: 3D exploded product renders involve creating animations where the product is disassembled or shown with its components separated. The internal parts assembly can easily be seen in detail through interactive animations. 

3. AR/VR 3D Product Rendering  

Augmented Reality 3D product rendering enables the users to interact with the product in a real-time environment. To showcase the product in an imaginary world or a non-real environment, Virtual Reality (VR) 3D product rendering services are used. You may enquire about your perfect fit by contacting Renderspoint- your one-stop destination for all 3D product rendering solutions.  

4. Photorealistic 3D Product Rendering   

Create 3D product renders that closely resemble photographs of real-world objects with this photorealistic 3D product rendering. The primary focus of this 3D product rendering format is to achieve high levels of realism by paying deep attention to lighting, materials, textures, and other details to produce visually stunning renderings of products. 

Where are 3D Product Renders are used?

3D product rendering is widely used across various verticals. Covering them would mean writing a complete guide. So, let’s have a look at the top ones. Here are the prominent categories.  

  • Product Designing & Manufacturing Industry – Product manufacturers and product designers used 3D product rendering to create product prototypes for their upcoming products. This enables them to work on materials, colours, textures, or layouts. Things can be incorporated as per the latest market industry trends and demands of the customer. 
  • Ecommerce Platforms – For online shops or ecommerce platforms, compelling 3D images of the products are required to showcase them to the customers. It may include product infographics, images that can be zoomed in/out/rotated, lifestyle renders, exploded or breakaway renders etc.
  • Market Testing – 3D Product Rendering enables marketers to gain an insight into the possible market reaction to the product by the targeted audience before the product is launched or manufactured. Better success rates can be guaranteed by customizing it as per the needs of the audience.
  • Product Marketing and Promotion – 3D Product renders serve as excellent marketing material that can be used on various online platforms such as websites, social media, online shops etc. to offline brochures, billboards and more.
  • 3D Architectural Visualization – These renders have taken the architectural industry by storm. These renders enable the viewers to see the interior and exterior of the building before construction. This helps the customers, investors, and other stakeholders to make better and more informed decisions regarding their investments. Potential flaws can also be identified and corrected in the design time itself.
  • Print Collateral – The use of 3D product rendering in printable materials such as catalogues, flyers, brochures, and pamphlets in any resolution takes marketing to the next level. The best part is that these materials can be well prepared even before the product launch.  

How much does 3D Product Rendering Cost?

As there needs of every project are unique and different, there is no fixed rate for the price of 3D product renderings. The cost of 3D product renders greatly depends on various factors such as: 

  • Product Complexity – The more complex the project is, the cost of 3D product renders will be high. A complicated project will involve more detailing, intricate patterns, complicated material/texture selection etc, which takes more time. Thereby, increasing the cost.
  • Resolution, Quality, and Number of Renders – The quality, number of renders and the resolution deeply impact the price of the product render. Premium quality comes in high resolution. Multiple variations may require renders having multiple angle projections, which certainly increases the number of renders as well as the cost.
  • Timeline Expected – If the renders are expected to be delivered early, extra costs may be incurred to meet the expected turnaround time. It’s a matter of fact that for urgent needs, the ongoing work of the rendering company will be delayed in delivering the priority/urgent project.
  • Rendering Format – Creating an animation will take more time than creating a still render as it involves more complexity. The cost will depend on the type of format chosen for 3D product rendering.
  • Revisions Requests – It is always advisable to share each and every detail with the 3D product rendering firm to make sure that the final rendered image of the product stays as per the expectations. An extra number of revisions will certainly take additional time and effort for the 3D product rendering company which will hamper their ongoing projects.  

How to Get Started at Renderspoint?

Getting started at Renderspoint is a very easy and simple job. Contact us by phone or drop all your requirements on our email. We share the cost estimates in the form of a quotation, by understanding the initial requirements. The quotation is absolutely FREE.   

The next step will be deep discussions on the project regarding where our 3D artists will take all the necessary information. All the references such as 3D Files, 2D sketches or reference images are shared with the artists. After getting in-depth clarity on the product and client expectations, our 3D team will start executing the project.  

The initial drafts are shared to gain better insights, feedback, and improvement. The feedback is incorporated and is shared for the final approval with the client. After getting a green signal from the client, the final rendering of the product takes place. The output is shared with the client in the requested format.  

Renderspoint- Your Perfect 3D Product Rendering Service Provider Company

Renderspoint is a global leader in delivering professional and high-quality 3D product rendering services that add dynamic value to your product marketing, manufacturing, and designing needs. Our dedicated in-house team of talented 3D artists guarantee the best turnaround time for your product rendering needs. They are highly experienced and have deep knowledge about colours, materials, textures, finishing and more. We serve globally with our major clients coming from the UK, USA, India, Australia, and Canada. Gain the best “Competitive-Edge” with Renderspoint- your 3D visualization agency partner.  

Have a Project? Get in touch with our studio experts at +44 (0) 2081465629 or email us at support@renderspoint.com.   


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. By availing our 3D product rendering services, you can the product rotate in 360 degrees, zoom in/out, animate and more.  

  • 3D product rendering has diverse usage but majorly it is used by product manufacturers, designers, marketers, ecommerce platforms, entrepreneurs and more.

  • Product colourways enable the product to be displayed in different colours and textures in a single product image rather than using different models for each.

  • The 3D product Rendering will be delivered in JPEG format. In case you need any specific format, please let us know in advance.