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3D Photomontage Rendering Services

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Architectural 3D Photomontage Rendering Company

3D photomontage rendering services for architecture offers you the best option to market your residential and commercial properties and convert all your leads to sales. Whether it’s investors, buyers or authorities, 3D architecture photomontages make the understanding of the project easy, impressive, engaging, and simple. Renderspoint, the top 3D rendering company, understands your pains and pressures. Our professional and experienced team ensures delivering accurate and well-detailed CGI that impresses stakeholders and makes your brand more trustworthy in the market. Here’s everything you need to know about 3D photomontage Architecture services.

What is 3D Photomontage Rendering?

3D photomontage is a process in which the 3D model of the proposed building is combined with the photograph of the site where it will be constructed. This helps the viewers to visualize the building in its actual environment. 3D photomontage architecture rendering is gaining popularity amidst architects, space designers, real estate marketers, investors, and similar professionals as it helps them to gain a better picture, expedite the approval process, preselling becomes easy and much more.

This advanced CGI has a very promising future. With the advancements in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality) and even Artificial Intelligence, 3D photomontages are readily being used in all aspects of visualization. Whether it’s architecture (interior or exterior) or product, the scope of 3D photomontage visualization is vast and far-reaching. Approaching a leading 3D visualization studio will enable you to take your business to new levels and stay ahead of the competition.

Why do you need 3D Photomontage Rendering Architectural Services?

Availing 3D visualization services for your architectural projects always helps you make a difference. But, with 3D photomontage services things go beyond than just designing as they ensure 100% client satisfaction by showing how the proposed design with look in the actual surroundings. Here’re are some major reasons that compel you to avail for 3D photomontage architectural solutions.

  • Realistic Design: This innovative rendering technique aids in a simple and easy understanding of design concepts as you can easily view the proposed building in actual environment, neighbourhood, traffic etc. Any flaws can be identified easily, and the design can be improved accordingly.
  • Evaluate Different Concepts: By superimposing the proposed design on the photographs of the building site taken from various camera angles, you can get a real and actual feel of the project. Also, adjustments regarding colours, textures and lighting can easily be done to ensure an expected outcome.
  • Seamless Communication: The clients can interact with design in a more engaging and immersive way. This leads to better communication between all stakeholders i.e. architects, planners, authorities, investors, or clients. Not to forget, this 3D visualization technique imparts confidence in the design.
  • Marketing Purposes: Imagine you’re a commercial builder. Showcasing how the shopping complex will look in the proposed location or site will enable you to pre-sell your properties. Apart from this, these 3D photomontages can be used in offline modes such as brochures, flyers, billboards etc as well as online modes such as presentations, websites, social media, and portfolios. This positively impacts your brand’s image in the market.
  • Consent/Approvals: The regulatory bodies and other authorities involved in the approval process get a better understanding of the proposed layout of the building. The process of getting consent, license or any certificate gets expedited and you can rest assured that the project shall be completed on time.

Let us showcase your prospect and feelings through a photo montage

Do you want your ideas to rock and get understood by the clients without having a word to speak? RendersPoint is the reliable answer to your needs! RendersPoint caters to all requirements concerning 3D photomontage and Rendering services, assuring you to get what you expect! Still, have doubts? We are sure these previous work images may help clarify your doubts!

1. 3D Photomontage of a Residential Project


How about this landscape of a residential project? With all the actual settings and even depicting the climate the right way, this photomontage of a residential project is enough to speak more than a thousand words.

2. A commercial build photomontage setup

A commercial build photomontage setup

This commercial project image is not the real one. It’s the photomontage setup scene of the project! But it looks more like a real one, right?

3. A pretty landscape photomontage of similar apartments

 A pretty landscape photomontage of similar apartments

Look at this photo montage of the exterior space with all the actual elements. Isn’t it look real? This image clearly depicts the height of realism a 3D Renders can attain.

4. Exteriors residential rendering in landscape

Exteriors residential rendering in landscape

A modern 3D architectural rendering of a house’s exterior with a simple and pretty landscape in the garden area. This image attains the height of beauty with all the natural environment setting.

5. A typical house exterior renders with a green lawn in front

A typical house exterior renders with a green lawn in front.

This residential build project with enough parking space and a green lawn in front looks like a real set picture only but gives more attention to details, helping you visualise like never before.

6. Luxurious Residential Photomontage

Luxurious Residential photomontage

We define it as a complete luxury! What do you have to say about it? We feel the photomontage image itself speaks everything!

7. Residential exterior photomontage with a touch of elevation

Residential exterior photomontage with a touch of elevation

This rendered design is for the ones who are bored of the identical look of the homes. This front elevation of the beautiful home lit up in the twilight is a perfectionist.

8. Front view of commercial apartments with sea-facing

Front view of commercial apartments with sea-facing

This commercial apartment with the sea-facing view is an eye-appealing set of new modern houses depicting every minute detail in a life-like image.

9. House Exterior Photomontage in Pastels

House exterior photomontage in pastels

This house exterior renders in pretty pastels, and nearby parking is the prettiest design for our client with a modern taste. This photo montage gives a real vision of the project. So what do you have to say about this rendered image of this exterior project? Impressed with the images? Feel free to explore the trendiest photomontage ideas that are exclusively implemented by RendersPoint.

How is 3D Photomontage Architecture Rendering done at Renderspoint?

We all know, a render speaks more than words and even 2D works. However, getting a high-quality render is a challenging task. We at Renderspoint stand as the #1 choice for the best photomontage architecture firm for all your visualization needs. Our team of award-winning and experienced photomontage artists ensure that the project is designed, modelled, and rendered according to the given specifications.

Each of our projects delivered is a testament to our hard work, creativity, and dedication. We ensure meeting the client’s expectations by blending the right set of emotions in each computer-generated imagery. Using the best techniques and advanced software for 3D photomontage, Renderspoint helps you win over your clients and projects. Here’s the process followed for 3D photomontage rendering service.

  1. Creating Models: The process starts by creating a 3D model of the proposed building. Our 3D artists create 3D models as per the references, sketches and 2D plans received. The model is shared with the client and any necessary changes are incorporated.
  2. Adding Texturing: Once the 3D model is ready, now it’s time to give realistic touches to it. Textures, colours, and realistic elements are added to the 3D model.
  3. Combining Photograph and Model: Now the real photograph of the site with the desired angle is taken and combined with the 3D model. All the lighting corrections are done. The 3D photomontage is sent to the client for final approval.
  4. Final Rendering: High-quality 3D photomontage CGI is now ready to be shared with the client.

3D Architecture Photomontage is different from traditional 3D rendering. The 3D rendering involves creating the 3D render of the proposed building in isolation. Only the design of the building is depicted and the environment is not given any importance. However, a 3D photomontage rendering enables you to see the proposed building in the exact environment where it is intended to be built. So, it offers a more realistic way to see the proposed design with 100% accuracy.

Renderspoint: Best Company for Architecture 3D photomontage Rendering Services

Renderspoint is one of the leading and most trusted 3D photomontage rendering studios that offers quality architectural visualization services across the globe. From interior, exterior to aerial rendering we offer all types of 3D architectural CGI catering to your diverse needs. With a decade of experience, we have successfully delivered all formats of renders such as walkthroughs, photomontage, animation, still renders etc. Our portfolio, rich clientele and digital reputation speak brilliantly about our work.

Our pricing structure truly makes us the preferred choice for the best 3D photomontage agency in the world. There are absolutely no hidden charges. We offer a free and no-obligatory quote when you share your requirements with us. With Renderspoint as your 3D visualization partner, stay rest assured of the best turnaround time. Your work will start from day one and will be delivered on or before the promised time.

It’s not just the best rendering software we use, but also our ability to infuse emotions, expressions and life into the designs that make us one of the trusted photomontage companies near you.

Let’s Get Started

Looking for a local 3D photomontage company near you? Renderspoint, helps you ace over your projects with its high-quality architectural visualizations.

  • To get started with 3d photomontage architecture services you need to provide us with your 2D plans or elevation files or CAD designs.
  • Along with that, we would require a high-quality image of the proposed site/ location of the building. Make sure the resolution of the images is high. Use a good camera. The images can be taken by a professional photographer or by you.
  • The photograph should clearly have the angle/direction in which you want to see the proposed property. Suppose you want to see from a birds-eye view, then you may need to click the photograph using a drone to get that perfect picture.

Email us the details of the 3D photomontage architecture project at support@renderspoint.com or you may also fill out the Contact Us form. Want a speedier action? Don’t hesitate and call us right now at +020 8146 5629.

Don’t compromise on quality and aim for substandard renderings. Hire Renderspoint as your 3D visualization partner and turn your brand trustworthy and #1 in the market.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Interior designers or space designers can easily create a model of the proposed area and combine it with the photograph of the surroundings or environment. This way they can have a hyper-realistic and immersive visualization and impress clients.

  • Our team takes proper and in-depth details from the client and ensures that each and every detail gets visualized in the photomontage. e involve the client in every step of the CGI development, to ensure that the final deliverable meets the expectations. This significantly improves the quality and reduces the chances of revisions.

  • This advanced visualization finds its application in renovating or refurbishing places (interior or exterior), construction of new commercial or residential complexes, public buildings, skyscrapers and more. Apart from design and architecture, 3D photomontage rendering services are also actively used in product design.

  • It is difficult to quote a fixed price for this service as the cost depends on several factors such as the complexity and scope of the project. We always advise sharing proper project details before the beginning of the project to lessen the price and time-related disappointments. Any additions during the project would add up to cost as well as time.

  • These photomontage 3D visualizations can expedite the approval process from the authorities and other regulatory bodies. Also, it can serve as a great marketing tool and certainly influence the pre-selling/pre-booking of the properties.